Late 2010 Dole Deutschland GmbH and CostPartner signed an agreement regarding our European Road Tender. Major volumes are being handled from the European ports and warehouses mainly in The Netherlands and Belgium primarily to European retailers. Due to... Read more

Jan Nygaard, Manager of finance and logistics for Linak Danmark A/S:"In addition to a generated savings for our Company, CostPartners solutions have contributed to a easier everyday procedure with us. With the new setup, we can manage to ship goods the same... Read more

Häfele Danmark CostPartner has analysed and carefully examined our transport flow.Although we did not change our current transport setup at the end of the commission, the quality of CostPartner's work has fully satisfied our expectations and moreover, it has... Read more

TajcoTajco Group is a Danish Group headquartered in Grindsted, Denmark, with production facilities located in Ningbo, China. The Group develops and manufactures tail pipes for the global automobile industry. Tajco is a market leader in its area supplying to... Read more

Vitakraft Danmark  At Vitakraft, we decided to enter into cooperation with CostPartner in order to have our transport and logistics function analysed. We have always been focusing on this area, but we considered that it might be appropriate to subject matters... Read more

Eisbär Eis  We would like to express our appreciation of the cooperation we have had with you in 2005. The job you performed was an in-depth analysis of all of our logistics costs for the German and Western European market, making various suggestions for... Read more

Logistics Project Hermes Schleifmittel with CostPartnerHamburg, 19.05.2011 The Hermes-Schleifmittel GmbH & Co. KG is a leading global manufacturer of high quality abrasives produced and distributed from several plants in Europe and overseas and currently... Read more

Bon' A ParteIn the early summer of 2008, BON'A PARTE decided to begin a working relationship with CostPartner for the purpose of making a complete analysis our logistics costs (inbound as well as outbound). The goal was to obtain a full overview of our... Read more

KE-BurgmannKE-Burgmann is one of the leading global manufacturers of fabric, metal and rubber expansion joints. KE-Burgamann is represented worldwide by subsidiaries, partners and agents. This is the reason why our company has a very complex transport... Read more

AudionordWarehouse Manager Morten Nielsen:  The greatest value for us is off course the expected savings from the new transport solutions the coming 2 years . Besides the proces has been very useful learning for AudioNord. Read more

Tetra-DUR Since its establishment in 1986, our company has carried on its successful international business activities in the field of development and manufacturing of Duroplast products for a wide range of applications. Based on our state-of-the-art... Read more

Thise MejeriBjarne Høstrup, Director of CostPartner, helped Poul Pedersen at Thise Mejeri (Dairy) save millions by implementing simple measures such as stacking the milk crates higher on the semi-trailers. "I was astounded that there was so much to gain. But... Read more

Royal BiscuitRoyal Biscuit A/S is an importer and distributor of biscuits and cakes for the Scandinavian market. We decided that our logistics costs needed a complete examination and analysis, but felt that we could not manage that task... Read more

Salling PlastSalling Plast is a manufacturer of plastic fittings for applications in the district heating industry. In 2008, we decided to start a working relationship with CostPartner, Vejlsøvej 51, DK-8600 Silkeborg, in order to have done a complete... Read more

GOLFINO GOLFINO is Textile Company situated east of Hamburg. We design, produce and sell golf- and sports fashion wear - we have approx. 120 employees and approx. 1000 customers all over Europe. Due to our strong growth over the last 4 years, it was... Read more

Larsen Danish Seafood Larsen Danish Seafood is providing fish products to retail distributors primarily in Germany and Denmark, and what is more, we are exporting our products to France, Sweden, Italy and England. Currently we have three factories, two located... Read more

TVILUM-SCANBIRKIn connection with a general analysis of our current transport flows to European customers, Tvilum-Scanbirk entered into a working relationship agreement with CostPartner concerning sparring and the supply of consultancy for the purpose of this... Read more

Færch Plast In autumn 2004, CostPartner worked closely with the staff of our transport and logistics division to analyse our total transport requirements.The project has been extremely successful and far beyond the expectations of even the most optimistic both... Read more

AlumecoWe have been partnering with CostPartner for an optimisation of our Danish distribution flows.Throughout the project, CostPartner has involved the greatest competence and been a highly committed working relationship partner. Although the transport... Read more

Rold Skov Savværk CostPartner has created a total transportation solution package for our export haulage services.In this connection, CostPartner has projected tendering basis material describing our transport requirements on the individual markets. This... Read more

AVK International AVK International is one of the global market leaders in production and sale of valves and accessories for gas distribution, for water supply, for sewage treatment, and for "fire fighting". Our products are manufactured in various countries... Read more

DanGrønt  DanGrønt has used CostPartner for financial optimization of the company's transportation and logistics tasks both on the domestic market (DK) and on the European markets.In connection with its cooperation with CostPartner, DanGrønt has... Read more

Schades Schades is one of the leading manufacturers of paper documentation rolls selling to industrial companies, distributors and end-users throughout Europe . In September 2002, Schades was contacted by CostPartner. After a presentation of CostPartner and a... Read more

G. Falbe-Hansen  CostPartner has studied our total transport and logistics setup and carried out an extensive analysis - our own participation being very limited. Throughout the entire process, CostPartner has given us derived advice and recommendations of... Read more

Gram Commercial At Gram Commercial, we sells more than 90% of our products subject to CPT (carriage paid to) the customer's destination. Forwarding cargoes of considerably varying weight and size to their individual destinations throughout Europe involves, as... Read more

I.C. Lauvring  At I.C. Lauvring, we decided to hire CostPartner to look into our transport and logistics function, which comprises import from the Far East, national distribution and last but not least export to the European market. Its great thoroughness in... Read more

RC PlastIn 2005 we completed our project / co-operation with CostPartner. As a result of this co-operation, a top-organised Transport / logistics solution model, for which we are very happy, is now available to us for solving practical day-to-day transport... Read more

Elstock  After our cooperation with CostPartner, we realize that the staff possessescore competences within transport and logistics optimization solutions.CostPartner created tendering material for us on the basis of a demand analysis thoroughly carried out of... Read more

MBL MBL is a market leader in Europe in manufacturing wheelchair components.Considering it of crucial importance, in order to secure our competitiveness in the future, to outsource the complex task of identifying the transport market demand, we have chosen to... Read more

Kimberly-Clark Professional  In our pre-discussions we had the impression from CP that they had in mind an innovative transport solution to our problem. Our expectations in this respect were not met and the key project did not deliver any significant... Read more

HB Textil  CostPartner has reviewed our sales freight set-up for the Danish and Scandinavian markets and conducted an extensive analysis, during this process, CostPartner has provided us with advice and guidance derived from this work. The key purpose of the... Read more

Jørck & Larsen Jørck & Larsen was extremely satisfied with the working relationship, asCostPartner acted skilfully and professionally in every respect. Towards the end of the process, we encountered an unforeseen situation that might have had serious... Read more

Vermund Larsen Vermund Larsen AS is a small Danish enterprise with core competencies in the field of "the seated human being" (we design and develop, produce and market a wide range of chairs for the disability aids and assistive devices sector) and as such... Read more

Trouw NutritionTrouw Nutrition Denmark is a modern company, selling a wide range of products to the agricultural sector - either directly to farmers (B2F) or via dry goods agricultural industries (B2B). Until November 2000, the company was part of Løvens... Read more

Knauf DanogipsWe have just completed a project in close working relationship with CostPartner for the purpose of analysing and examining the structure of our current transport set-up. The entire process has been extremely instructive and inspiring.  In my... Read more

Raaco International  Since 1998, Raaco International A/S has had central storage and distribution centre facilities for servicing all parts of Europe. This fact combined with the shape and nature of Raaco's products and the increasing market demand for... Read more

Teknos I myself and my staff were rather sceptical about the working relationship with CostPartner, i.e. whether it would at all be possible to make such appreciable savings as CostPartner held out to us. The upstart was very carefully planned and in our eyes,... Read more

Martin Professional Before starting up our working relationship with CostPartner, Martin Professional A/S had spent 3-4 years on reorganising our global storage and transport set-up.Now Martin Professional A/S only services its customers from 3 international... Read more

DYRUPIn the summer of 2005, Dyrup A/S decided to enter into a close working relationship with CostPartner for the purpose of future optimisation of outbound transport flows from Dyrup's factories in Søborg and Kolding, Denmark. Throughout the duration of the... Read more

Logistics manager wanted cooperation with CostPartner  A/SJune 2011 At Coferro A/S it was the logistics manager, Claus Larsen, who advised the Executive that the company should allow CostPartner to review logistics and explore the potential for cost... Read more

Uni-chainUni-chains® manufactures a comprehensive program for internal transport offering chains in both steel and plastic, modular plastic belt and conveyor accessories. The multiplicity and flexibility of the uni-chains products ensures a great number of... Read more

Baby Dan We hired CostPartner for an examination of our current transport flow and an analysis of our prices.They have involved the greatest competence in the commission and done a remarkably fine job in being able to present various solution models on which... Read more

Esbjerg Thermoplast We decided to enter into cooperation with CostPartner for the year 2004, primarily in order to achieve better transport economic efficiency and, of course, maintaining our standard of service. CostPartner approached the task in a very... Read more