A fascinating story 

CostPartner was established as a true entrepreneurial firm in October 2001 with the mission of assisting companies in optimizing their transport solutions and logistics.
Since then CostPartner has developed a unique project model and analysis tools that now is a proven success and has lead to four Danish gazelle nominations and one Entrepeneur of the year award in 2009.

CostPartner was founded by Bjarne Høstrup and Rex Pedersen who both has a background in the shipping industry. Their professional experience gave them comprehensive knowledge about the transport needs for all types of companies and the potential for optimizing both on the logistical, technical and economical aspects .. And the CostPartner business concept then came to live.

Based on in-depth analysis and thoroughly counseling buyers of transport services obtains a much better basis for the dialogue with the sellers of transport.  With CostPartner on board You get the best independent advice in a non-transparent market and the CostPartner experience based on more  than 2.000 transport analysis and implementations with an average saving of 18% on the freight costs - naturally without compromising on the requirements with respect to quality and service.

Today, CostPartner has grown to become Denmark's leading consultancy house within transport optimization and our 27 skillful and experienced employees operate from offices in Silkeborg, Copenhagen, Malmö and Hamburg.