Ethical principles and code of conduct
CostPartner's ethical principles and code of conduct are intended to describe the standards according to which we perform our work on behalf of customers, suppliers, etc.
Compliance with our code of conduct is of paramount importance to CostPartner.

Education and training
CostPartner is comprised of a highly skilled professional staff educated and trained to provide our customers with the best possible service.
CostPartner possesses the know-how required to act in the best interest of our customers as regards obtaining the best price and quality.

Duty of confidentiality
All assignments are performed observing the necessary standard of care and confidentiality.
All business agreements are treated confidentially.

Any business agreement sets out a detailed description of our services and fees.
The consultancy CostPartner provides is objective and easy to understand.

Quality assurance
CostPartner procures and generates appreciable savings to our customers without compromising quality and service.

Meeting our customers' needs
As our customers are our source of income, CostPartner is devoted to deliver to our customers the highest standard of customer service that is possible at all times.
CostPartner will under no circumstances receive secret commission, bonus, presents or other forms ofcompensation from any supplier or potential supplier.