France is pushing for rail transport of goods

Transport Minister Elisabeth Borne recently emphasized the push from road to rail at the inauguration of the first urban multimodal terminal Chapelle International in Paris.

Logistics is a key factor in French domestic economy.

It accounts for 10 percent of the gross domestic product with 1.8 million employees. On some days, in Paris alone one million packages are delivered.

From road to rail

Paris supports more multimodal terminals in the city area. In addition, several other, large French cities are testing mobility framework: Montpellier, Lille, Dieppe, Grasse and Cannes.

For the French government, it is important to move more goods from road to rail transport. It aims to support the turn from road to rail with targeted state aid for combined transport in the next five years with 27 million euros per year.

Another 10 million euros per year are planned for repair of last mile routes.

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