Have you prepared for Brexit?

Have you prepared for Brexit?

If not, then you are not alone.

Carousel Logistics have carried out a survey on Brexit readiness. It reveals that 50% of manufacturers in Britain and Germany have not yet begun to prepare their supply chains for Brexit.

What to prepare for

The industry is still waiting for an announcement on the content of the Exit agreement. As long as the EU and Britain are still in negoatiations, it is nearly impossible to prepare. Almost half the companies surveyed say that they don’t know what to prepare for.

No pressure

70% of German companies believe that the business climate will not change after Brexit. In Britain, however, 25% of companies say that the upcoming Brexit is already having a negative impact on their business.

21% of German managers say that they will relocate parts of their supply chain to continental Europe. This also goes for 27% of British managers. Most will keep their warehousing in the UK.

(Source: DVZ))

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