International shipping has become much safer

International shipping has become much safer

In 2017, shipping companies lost 94 large ships (100+ tons) globally. This is 4% less than in 2016 according to insurance company Allianz Group.

Over the last decade, ship losses have fallen by 38 percent. Most of the lost ships have sunk, others stranded or so badly damaged that they can only be scrapped.

Weather is the main cause

Nearly a quarter of ship losses can be attributed to bad weather such as typhoons in Asia or hurricanes in the US.

Almost all accidents and losses are in some part due to human error. Especially collisions at sea are often due to crew errors.

The risk of automation

Increased automation and digitization of shipping should bring down some risks, but may, however, open up for new ones. This includes the danger of possible cyber attacks.

(Source: AP)

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