German road tax increase on 1 July 2018

You can expect logistics costs for road transport to, from and through Germany to increase by 1 July of this year.

The reason for the cost rise, is an increase in the number of roads being subject to road tax. Currently 15,000 kilometers of federal roads are taxed. With the change, a total of 40,000 kilometers of federal roads will be taxed.

Transport types hit by new road tax

This means that all trucks with a weight of 7.5 tons and above will have to pay road tax when using any part of this expanded transportation net.

CostPartner has learned that several freight forwarders have been in contact with their customers to warn of a logistics rate increase.

It is estimated that the German government will be collecting an extra 2 bn Euro a year from the extra taxes on road use.

Learn more about the new road tax

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