MAUT 2018

In Italy, road tax has increased by an overall average of 2.74%. Depending on the region in Italy, the local increase is as high as 52.69%.

In Belgium, road tax has increased by 2-4%. More environmentally friendly trucks are taxed at lower rates than high polluting trucks. In addition, Belgium has increased the fines if caught without having paid the correct road tax. It is customary that freight forwarders roll over road tax increases to their customers.

Likewise, Austria is focusing on the type of truck passing through the country, graduating road tax depending on the EURO norm of the truck (degree of polution).

In Denmark, road tax for trucks will increase on 1 July for all trucks below EURO norm 5.

Rate increases are likely

If you have goods passing through, arriving from or delivered to the affected countries, you may have already seen rate increases as a result.

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