Project Description


El-Kretsen was founded in 2001 with the aim of providing for the disposal of electronic devices removed from the market. The aim and task of the company is to support producers in the compliance with the applicable legislation as well as the ground-breaking guidelines. For this purpose, a national collection system was set up.

All companies that manufacture electrical or electronic products and/or batteries bear responsibility for their disposal once these products have reached the end of their useful life. The El-Kretsen collection system meets these conditions and is now used by some 2,000 companies.

Seeking optimization possibilities

We decided to enter into a cooperation with CostPartner. The declared aim here was to seek optimisation possibilities – both in relation to the whole collection system and its individual parts. The project also included the “Diverse Electronic Devices” product area, which is also part of El-Kretsen.

Martin Seeger, Managing Director at El-Kretsen, relates:

“Since freight orders make up a major part of our company, it was important for us to find possibilities for further optimisation of our flow.”

In addition to investigating freight tariffs and orders, we also considered it worth identifying suitable hauliers and assigning them to the respective tasks at many of our pick-up locations (recycling plants).

We lacked both the time and the suitable tools to be able to carry out a proper, thorough analysis.

Combination of optimization approach and business model

What convinces us was CostPartner’s concept – particularly their optimisation approach from several perspectives (logistics, technology and cost consideration), combined with the business model “No cure – No pay”. This business model represents a low risk for us. Moreover, quality controls following implementation were also included in their proposal.

The results achieved by CostPartner here have exceeded our expectations. We now have a period of many successful implementations behind us. The development of our logistics is now in the hands of a few very skilful hauliers.

An extremely thorough analysis of our freight tariffs and contracts was carried out within the specified product area. In addition, a beneficial accounting model in relation to our hauliers was discovered and the tasks redistributed on a purely geographical basis.

We will now have other product ranges as well as our logistics structure analysed with regard to further optimisation potentials. It goes without saying that CostPartner will also be our first choice partner in future projects. We expressly recommend CostPartner as a cooperation partner to other companies.

Project Details