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Project Description

Orderinvest AB

Orderinvest AB based in Knislinge, Sweden, is a growing company specialising in catalogue- and online-based sales as well as the personal selling of equipment to companies, schools and public institutions. Our declared aim is to make our voice heard as a competent supplier of quality equipment for the office, educational institutions, warehouses and industry. Our range of products encompasses 50,000 articles and is updated and adjusted on an ongoing basis. A network of worldwide-distributed suppliers enables us to provide solutions to meet the majority of equipment requirements.

Satisfying customer requirements through transport and logistics

Transport and logistics are key components of the strategy laid down by Orderinvest AB. Our absolute focus is fixed on a level of quality sufficient to satisfy customer requirements.

Patrik Jönsson, Head of Purchasing at Orderinvest AB, relates:

“We did not have the resources required for a thorough analysis of our overall logistics. The time therefore appeared ripe to include an external partner in the analysis of the relevant flows. Suitable tools as well as a relevant wealth of experience were available to support us in identifying a suitable logistical set-up for us.

Independent price negotiations

A few years ago, we independently conducted a price negotiation, based on the CostPartner concept as well as their 3-dimensional optimisation approach. It was not only a matter of determining the prices for the transport.

CostPartner performed a thorough analysis of our entire logistics. This led to a unique result. Our expectations were exceeded by far. We were supported in the optimisation both of our freight agreement and invoicing models. We assessed the quality as exceptionally good – a matter of great importance for us.

However, what really excites me – a good year after the successful completion of the project – is the 24-month customer support and quality control warranty provided by CostPartner. This provided us with the security necessary in selecting a transport system.

Every day, deliveries from our warehouse in Sweden go out to customers in the entire north of the country. Delivery reliability and punctuality were therefore the decisive criteria for the implementation of a new transport system.

The whole process took some 3 to 4 months and was carried out extremely professionally. Thanks to CostPartner, we have been able to make significant cost savings. We would therefore advise everybody to take advantage of CostPartner’s expertise.”

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