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Project Description

Skagen Designs

Faced with a new distribution scenario, we had to evaluate and identify the optimal future logistic set-up.

CostPartner solves tasks in which existing freight and logistic systems are analysed and compared to new alternatives. In our case, CostPartner was asked to evaluate a range of freight and logistic solutions based on an up-coming, new distribution scenario.

Change of distributor

Skagen Designs used to sell and distribute watches in Germany through a distributor. This co-operation was to stop and Skagen Designs was to take over the distribution task itself, covering a very large number of shops in Germany.

The future logistic situation was evaluated by CostPartner through the presentation of various scenarios for the new logistic solution.

By means of the BEST simulator from CostPartner, the solution proposals were simulated and the optimal solution was identified.

Managing director at Skagen Designs Europe, Lars Kornbeck, talks about the process: “we were facing a very big and essential decision and we needed external professional guidance. We rarely use consultancy firms so we checked quite a few references for CostPartner before engaging in a co-operation. The references convinced us that CostPartner was the right co-operation partner.

CostPartner made some impact studies and provided us with the necessary competent feedback that allowed us to make the right choice.

Further optimizations

We were so satisfied with their work that we subsequently asked them to analyse our freight and logistic needs in our 25 export countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

This resulted in significant cost savings, at the same time providing us with a much better overview and some simple tools that optimise our resources for the benefit of both ourselves and our clients.”

Project Details