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Project Description

Westwood Kunststofftechnik

Since 1999, the WestWood Kunststofftechnik GmbH company has been a competent partner in the field of liquid sealing and coating for the protection of concrete surfaces. Our aim is to develop high-quality, permanently safe solutions with pleasure and motivation, and implement them jointly with customers and suppliers in practice.

We manufacture some 30 different 2-component PMMA-based products with a large number of variations in our own location in Petershagen, all of which are subject to the ADR Hazardous Materials Regulations.  We deliver to qualified and experienced specialist companies both in Germany and selected countries in Europe.

We entered into a partnership with an external consultant for the purpose of having our logistic processes checked by an expert. We deliberately chose CostPartner because their longstanding experience as well as their analytical and holistic approach, focused on logistical processes and freights, convinced us from the very beginning.

We were curious to find out whether CostPartner would succeed in not only in identifying sustainable and practically applicable optimisation potentials by means of fresh ideas and the practiced “broadening of horizons”, but also in realising the resulting savings without the entailment of loss of quality. We were not disappointed!

All requirements taken into account

The CostPartner personnel structured and professionally managed the project; our own resource costs were low. We became familiar with CostPartner personnel both as solid and innovative practical professionals and commercially minded logistics experts, who unreservedly identified with us and WestWood Kunststofftechnik GmbH over the entire course of the project. All our requirements and the special features of our business model were taken into account.

Following the analysis phase, we were certain that our internal logistical set-up, our packaging as well as the warehouse logistical processes had nothing to fear from a best-practice comparison.
Nevertheless, we were positively surprised to see what good optimisation approaches there were in the area of the transport costs of our outgoing freight. We had not expected such a result, since that we were convinced that we already enjoyed good to excellent conditions with the transport service providers we used – as a result of longstanding partnerships.

With the help of a professional tendering process and their own BEST assessment tool, CostPartner succeeded in identifying the “most cost-effective” service providers in the truest sense of the term. In doing so, CostPartner had already determined the optimal tariff model for us before the start of the tender procedure, for the service providers approved by us to use as a basis to bid on. In the clarification of still outstanding issues, our interests were optimally represented in the subsequent personal discussions with our favoured service providers.

Furthermore, a freight examination tool developed for us by CostPartner has facilitated the control of the weekly incoming collective shipping invoices.

Monthly savings

We are delighted to be able to realise the calculated savings on a monthly basis, and are happy to certify that CostPartner has identified customer-specific and optimisation options for us as well as playing a significant role in their implementation.

Project Details