Together, we do more

As the CFO of the company, you have a wide-ranging role and responsibility within it. You must bring all the threads together and ensure that everything is completed as agreed. You are also the source of financial reports – perhaps the most important instrument when the company must be led safely towards the objectives that have been set.

The objective of growth on the bottom line is, as you know, easier to attain if savings have been made.

Together we implement optimisations that work

When logistics projects are implemented too slowly, when they are defective, or when they run completely off track, it means a poor use of resources, a negative impact on the economy and lost revenue. These kinds of mishaps must be avoided.

At CostPartner, we focus on carrying out through tight project management the optimisations and savings we enable. This involves, among other things, monitoring regarding suppliers during implementation and quality assurance after implementation.

Together we find useful tools

We can offer different utilities that are good to have at hand when creating an overview of the logistics. This applies, for example, to software that can be used for invoice checking. Logistics and transport invoices can be hard to figure out.

Using our tools, you can ensure invoices are accurate and make the right decision for each shipment. With our Seafreight Index, you can keep track of the prices on sea freight. And with our CP Project Planner you will, among other things, have the opportunity to devise different KPIs.