Together, we do more

As the company’s Procurement Manager, your primary objective is to get the right goods and services for the best attainable price. One of your criteria for success is therefore whether you can achieve savings on the company’s purchases.

CostPartner is the independent and objective partner that you can employ in your efforts to achieve the goal of reducing costs.

Together we we identify the best transport option based on price and quality

We start with a thorough analysis of your company’s needs, aspirations and day-to-day operations. From the analysis, we establish a basis for decisions, built on different options that can give your company the right relationship between price and the desired quality. Backed by having the right basis for decisions, you can stay focused on the price negotiation.

With many years of experience in transport and logistics, a broad knowledge of providers in the transport market and our analytic tools to manage, for example, invoice checking, we have the background to help find the solution that matches your company’s specific needs.

Together we find better logistics and transport options

In close cooperation and based on our extensive experience in transport and logistics, we will find a provider that can ensure your company cheaper logistics and transport, without compromising on quality.